Farm Management During Uncertain Times

Town Hall Meeting – August 9, 2022


Aflatoxins in Corn by University of Missouri Extension

USDA Disaster Assistance Discovery Tool

Navigating Inflation and Family Living Expenses

Moderator: Tori Marshall
Panelists: Kevin Ferguson, Dallas Manning, and Aaron Smith

Considerations for Drought Stressed Corn and Soybeans

Moderator: Tori Marshall
Panelists: David Bilderback, Les Humpal, and Katie Mason

Emergency Culling Strategies for Dairy Cattle

Speakers: Liz Eckelkamp and David Bilderback

Emergency Culling Strategies for Beef Cattle

Moderator: Ty Wolaver
Panelists: Andrew Griffith and Troy Rowan

Impacts of Rising Interest Rates

Moderator: Ty Wolaver
Panelists: Charlie Martinez and Aaron Smith

Crop Marketing Strategies During Drought

Speaker: Aaron Smith and Tori Marshall

Tax Implications and Lender Relationships

Moderator: Tori Marshall
Panelists: Kevin Ferguson and Alan Galloway


David Bilderback Profile Page
David Bilderback
Ext Area Specialist III | Eastern Region Office
Liz Eckelkamp Profile Page
Liz Eckelkamp
Assistant Professor | Animal Science
Kevin Ferguson Profile Page
Kevin Ferguson
Ext Area Specialist III | Rutherford County
Alan B Galloway Profile Page
Alan B Galloway
Ext Area Specialist III | Putnam County
Andrew Griffith Profile Page
Andrew Griffith
Associate Professor | Agricultural and Resource Economics
Lester Allen Humpal Profile Page
Lester Allen Humpal
Ext Area Specialist II | Maury County
C Dallas Manning Profile Page
C Dallas Manning
Ext Area Specialist III | Coffee County
Tori Marshall Profile Page
Tori Marshall
Ext Area Specialist I | Western Region Office
Charles Martinez Profile Page
Charles Martinez
Assistant Professor | Agricultural and Resource Economics
Katie Mason Profile Page
Katie Mason
Assistant Professor | Animal Science
Troy Rowan Profile Page
Troy Rowan
Assistant Professor-Beef Cattle Genomics | Animal Science
Aaron Smith Profile Page
Aaron Smith
Associate Professor | Agricultural and Resource Economics
Ty Wolaver Profile Page
Ty Wolaver
Ext Area Specialist I | Eastern Region Office